1-Click PC Care 7.5 (Shareware)

1-Click PC Care is an application for tuning up computers to maximize their performance. Computer slowdowns can be diagnosed and fixed, junk files can be cleaned, computer speed can be improved, and computer privacy may be safeguarded with the program. Blue-screen problems, computer crashes and freezes can also be avoided and eliminated. A single click is all it takes to secure and stabilize one’s computer.

Items that can be fixed include different computer errors, mis-configuration, and system conflicts. Errors from Windows registry and those of DLL files may be scanned and repaired. Potential risks are diagnosed and detailed reports of which are generated. Network and computer speed can be increased by reducing stat-up time, cleaning unused Windows startup programs, repairing registry problems, and cleaning registry trash. Internet Privacy and security are protected by removing cookies, temporary files, closing backdoor to prevent Trojans, spyware, and viruses, cleaning Internet history, and running memory dumps. A System Service Optimizer feature makes more resources available for running software and Windows. An Application Manager eliminates unwanted applications and pop-ups. An Undo changes feature provides users to create backups for all changes done in case possible restoration is required. Computer’s unsecure traces and unstable tracks can also be removed by the program.