1-Click Cleaner

OPDA team (Freeware)

1-Click Cleaner is a mobile application that cleans a smartphone’s SMS, calling records, browsing history, and cache files in order to free up space and improve the phone’s running speed and overall performance. This application has a simple interface, designed in a four-leaf clover pattern. Each leaf has one of the following options: Cache clean, Deep clean, Message Clean, and History clean. These options enable users to do a number of different tasks, namely:

• Cache clear – This clears the phone’s cached files, including temporary data generated from accessing mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, among other apps installed in the phone. The application can be set to clear the cache by shaking the phone.
• Deep clear – Uninstalled apps usually leave behind residual documents and other files that are no longer necessary. This command removes all of the associated and unnecessary files of to free up storage space.
• Communication clean – users can choose to delete all text messages or those from a particular contact; individual messages may be removed from the phone’s message logs as well. Call logs may also be cleared.
• History clean – This option clears the phone’s browsing and activity history to protect the user’s privacy and free up memory space.

By removing the unnecessary files from the smartphone, 1-Click Cleaner helps increase the phone’s running speed and optimize its performance.