ZoneAlarm 14.0.522.000

Check Point Software Technologies LTD (Shareware)

ZoneAlarm is a firewall program that was first released in February 2000. The applications are divided into different zones when the program is installed. One zone is dedicated to the local area network, while another zone is set aside for those areas that are not trusted (Internet Zone). The user can control the permissions. Users are alerted whenever an application accesses the Internet. The program also offers advanced firewall protection and monitors malicious behavior in the system to prevent unwanted files from entering the system.

ZoneAlarm also has a built in anti-virus and anti-spyware scan engine. These engines detect and remove threats, such as spyware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and many more. In addition, the advanced download protection alerts the user of malicious downloads that can harm the computer. ZoneAlarm makes use of a two-way firewall that stops Internet attacks both in the ‘front door’ and the ‘back door’. Inbound and outbound traffic is monitored, too.

The Parental Control feature of the program allows parents to filter websites and control the Internet usage of their children. These include blocking mature games, protection for instant messages, and many more. Aside from keeping the computer free from threats, the application also has a PC Tune-Up utility that keeps the computer running smoothly by automatically cleaning and fixing components that need to be repaired.