Vuze Inc. (Freeware)

Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, is a torrent client that was initially released in 2003. Users can download torrent files, as well as share original content from DVDs using the program. Shared files are seen by other users by browsing through different categories, such as movies, music videos, television shows, and games. Apart from downloading various types of media, users can also chat with their contacts, add comments and ratings to downloaded content, and transfer their downloaded media to devices.

Vuze has a Meta Search feature for users who are looking for something specific. When the search results are shown, other information can be viewed, such as the file size, age, and rank of the available file. The Subscriptions feature automatically provides alerts when there is available media for downloading on content that the user has subscribed to. Apart from these features, Vuze also allows multiple downloads and priority control for downloading torrent files.

The Web Remote feature enables users to manage and control their downloads on Vuze with the use of a smartphone or any other computer. The program can be accessed on other devices by going to This application supports most video files, including AVI, Quicktime, XVID, and many more.