Video Download Toolbar 1.0

Video Download (Freeware)

Video Download Toolbar is a browser application that provides users with the ability to download videos for free from video-hosting websites such as Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, and similar sites. It is easy to use and provides users with other options upon installation, such as setting as their browser’s homepage. Users can customize the appearance of their toolbar by choosing from one of the many free skins available.

The application adds a toolbar to the user’s browser. Downloading is easy and is done by playing the video found on the website and pressing the button labeled “Download Video.” From the settings menu, users can set the maximum number of downloads that can be done simultaneously. If the user’s Internet connection is intermittent, they can also set the number of times the downloader tries to extract a video from the website. The application can inform the user when the download is completed through the Start bar.

The toolbar comes with a built-in search engine to assist users in finding the information they need online. The application also provides users with access to various Internet radio stations, games, videos, and news channels. It is also able to determine if a certain video has been downloaded already so that it does not download duplicates.