SugarSync Manager

SugarSync, Inc. (Freeware)

SugarSync Manager is a desktop application for managing multimedia files that are stored in the SugarSync online storage. Users can sync files between computers, even between Windows and Mac systems. The program offers 5 Gb of storage space, but this can be upgraded for a fee. The user decides which folders and files to sync with the application. The program works in the background and makes sure that all changes made to files and folders are saved. It is also possible to edit files even when the user is offline. The changes will be saved by SugarSync the next time the computer is connected to the Internet.

SugarSync Manager can also be used as a backup tool. All the files and folders can be accessed and restored even if the computer crashes. One of the features of the application is file version control and recovery. Whenever a change is made to a file, the application still keeps the five previous versions of the document. These versions can be used as reference. Five different copies of the same file are saved, but only the latest version is counted in the storage limit.

Here are other features of the application:
• Magic Briefcase for storing content
• Search field
• Support for online collaboration with other SugarSync users
• Support for folder permissions
• Share public links