Opera Internet Browser 29.0.1795.60

Opera Software (Freeware)

Opera is a browser for navigating the Internet. It was first released in 1994. This browser's features include customizable mouse gestures and integrated web search which lets you access sites like Google. It has a feature called Feed Views, which allows you to efficiently see multiple-column layouts. A built-in pop-up blocking feature protects your browsing experience from unwanted ads. It also has a Quick Find feature, which remembers content from the websites that you visit. When using the Search Shortcuts option, you can directly type your queries in. With Opera’s Speed Dials, you can save your favorite websites and access them in just a single click. This browser also has a tabbed browsing feature and a Trash Can where you can re-open recently closed tabs.

You may download files more quickly, keep track of your downloads’ progress and even pause and resume them as you like. It also has other advanced functions, such as Opera’s Email application, IRC Chat, and it also allows you to add RSS Newsfeeds as well. Opera Link is another feature which enables data sharing.

Extensive and relevant improvements have been made to enhance browsing. Page loading, website compatibility, and overall stability are some of these.

Opera version 12.17 it's the latest version using the proprietary "Presto" rendering engine, known to be a very fast rendering engine, after version 13.x, opera uses Blink rendering engine like Google Chrome web browser.