mIRC 7.29

mIRC Co. Ltd. (Shareware)

mIRC is Windows based Internet Relay Chat client that can be used to communicate, play, work or share with others using IRC networks. It can be used for one-on –one conversation, as well as multi- group communication and conferences. The application supports a wide variety of functions that involve network communication and is particularly popular in playing games online.

Users benefit from the application’s evolving and continuous improvement from its developers.It has a user friendly interface that includes a myriad of practical applications. These include multi-server connections, buddy lists, SSL encryption, file transfers, IPv6, UTF-8 display, proxy support, UPnP, spoken messages customizable sounds, message logging, tray notifications, and more. Equipped with its very own GUI scripting editor, its dynamic scripting language allow for its versatile and extensive functionality. Apart from chatting, mIRC can be used as a web HTML parser, a media player, an IRC bot, and gaming mechanism for entertainment. With its built-in file server, its DCC protocol feature allow for file sharing between parties. To uphold security measures, features deemed dangerous are now lockable, and the $decode command has already been disabled by default.  User motivated features have been enhanced as well.  For example, Treebar’s fonts can now be changed via the context menu and the editbox does not beep endlessly anymore if the maximum message length has been reached.