Lunascape 6 6.11.1

Lunascape Corporation (Freeware)

Lunascape is a web browser that was first released in 2001. It uses three rendering engines (WebKit, Gecko, and Trident), which makes it unique among other web browsers. There is a smart-engine switch on the browser, which allows users to instantly switch to a different rendering engine to achieve the best display for a web page. The Cascade View feature allows users to see how the web page looks on the three rendering engines. Users can then choose the best one to use.

This web browser performs automatic backups of browser settings. These include bookmarks, favorites, settings, plugins, and many more. These setting can be retrieved by clicking on ‘Restore Profile’ under the File menu. These settings can also be imported to other web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Lunascape also has support for mouse gestures. Users can assign commands to different gestures in order to speed up or customize browsing experience. There are also pre-set mouse gestures. There are more or less 200 commands available for mouse gestures.

Here are other features of the Lunascape web browser:
Ticker for displaying news headlines
Customizable with skins
Luna ID coordination
Toolbar customization tools
Versatile tab menu

Lunascape is available for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, and iPhone.