KMP Media (Freeware)

KMPlayer is a multimedia player that supports a wide variety of video and audio file formats. The player has built-in codecs so users do not need to install additional codecs for playback of various files. After launching the program, users have the option to use the player with its default settings or to create a user-defined setting. For creating a user-defined setting, a wizard takes the user through the process of creating one based on subtitle, speaker, decoder, and general settings. Aside from playing audio and video files, KMPlayer can also be used to play content from a digital or analog source.

KMPlayer is fully customizable. There are several options for changing the settings of the program. This can be done by right clicking on the main window. This will bring up several options including the 3D subtitle control, screen controls, control box, and pan and scan. More settings are available under the Preferences window. Other features of the application are listed below:

• Video capture function
• OCR (on screen control) function
• Capable of playing damaged AVI files
• Wave pattern and frequency analysis for audio files
• Wide variety of subtitle functions

The KMPlayer application is ideal to use for both beginners and advanced computer users alike.