K-Meleon 1.6.0 Beta2 (Freeware)

K-Meleon is a web browser that uses the Gecko layout engine. The web browser’s interface is similar to that of the Windows desktop. The first version of the program was released in 2000. The program has a minimalistic interface. Menu buttons are placed at the top portion of the window, followed by the navigation buttons. It has a tabbed interface, allowing users to open several websites in one web browser window. K-Meleon is fully customizable. Items can be added or removed from menus, toolbars can be enabled or disabled, and keyboard shortcuts can be applied for easier online navigation.

K-Meleon’s Preferences window provides more settings for the user to configure. These include the GUI appearance, page display, Browsing, Privacy and Security, Network and Performance, and the K-Meleon Plugins. There are also content filtering options, such as the Flashblock, Popup Blocker, and CSS Ad-Blocking. Other features of the web browser are listed below:

• Themes and skins – The program comes with a few themes and skins to change the look of the web browser. Additional themes and skins can be downloaded, too.
• Search function – K-Meleon comes with a search function integrated to the toolbar. This eliminates the need to access the home page of a search engine.
• Fast load time – The application has a built-in symbiotic loader for faster loading time, even on slow computers.