IsoBuster 4.4

Smart Projects (Shareware)

IsoBuster is a data recovery program that is capable of retrieving data from CDs and DVDs, damaged hard drives, and USB flash drives. This tool is useful for backing up data when reformatting hard drives, saving media files and documents for safekeeping, and for recovering important data when the computer’s hard drive crashes. IsoBuster displays the partitions and content of the mounted hard drive for users to see all the files that need to backed up. The program can recover data from all CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disc formats, as well as media cards, thumb drives, micro SD cards, and many more.

Other features of the program include:
• Support for compressed files
• Sector viewer
• Support for bootable CDs and DVDs
• Error handling
• Finding lost data

The application provides several retry actions and offers alternative ways in retrieving lost data in the event that the usual process does not work. It also comes with a broad help file for beginners. The help file can also be accessed online.

IsoBuster has a feature that prevents viruses in the computer from accessing it. Once the program detects that there’s an infection in the system, it automatically closes. An alert message will pop up on the screen before the program closes so that the necessary actions can be done.