HTC Home 2 2.4

Web Studio Seorim (Freeware)

HTC Home 2 recreates an HTC smartphone’s home screen on any computer’s desktop. It features the animated clock and the weather display found on HTC’s smartphones. The software’s 5-day weather forecast is accurate due to it being connected to the Weather Channel. There is a Windows 7 taskbar, which displays the weather even without opening the program’s window. There are different skins, each of them display information, such as the weather. Some of the program’s key features are the presence of other widgets such as the calendar and a music player. Users can display other software and even live Internet pages through bookmarks.

HTC Home 2 also has animations such as rain. It can be turned on or off depending on the user’s choice. Clicking the Widget settings can let the user customize the screen. This is where users can toggle the animation, change the time, alter the unit of measurement, as well provide options to change skins and choose the weather provider. The widgets can be resized and pinned.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Wallpaper and sound
• Opacity sliders that can create an unobtrusive display
• A Platform of widgets to choose from
• Animations include lightning, thunder, and rainfall
• Choice of source of weather (The Weather Channel, MSN, etc)