FrostWire 6.1.5

FrostWire Group (Freeware)

FrostWire is an open source BitTorrent client that was first released in 2004. With this application, users can download all sorts of media files including music, programs, photos, videos, and many more. Users can also send files with the program. Users can drag and drop a file onto program’s window and an options window will appear. The file can be shared via Twitter, a magnet link, email, instant messenger, and many more. Users can access all their downloads on the left pane of the FrostWire window. Files are arranged according to type.

Apart from downloading and sharing files, FrostWire is also a community. Users can chat with other FrostWire users through the built-in chat window. Users can access different rooms on the Community Chat tab that can be found on the FrostWire window. Another feature of the program is Direct Connect. This can be a quick way to share files with a contact. If a user knows the IP address of a contact, the program can scan that user’s files. This can also be done by providing the username of a user.

Other features of FrostWire include the following:
Support for Internet radio
Compatible with iTunes
Send large files
Customizable with skins
New media library and audio player