FreeFileSync 7.7

ZenJu (Freeware)

FreeFileSync is a program for managing and synchronizing files in a computer. The program is especially useful for synchronizing files between a computer and an external hard drive. Users can drag and drop files, folders, and drives to the program to compare the contents. Files can be compared in two ways – by file size and date or by file content. The program’s main window is divided into two panes for the user to easily see the comparison. Users can click on the ‘Compare’ button at the top of the window to start the process. After the comparison, users can click on the ‘Synchronize’ button.

FreeFileSync offers three synchronization options:

• Two Way Synchronization – This method synchronizes both panes so that the content is identical in the right and left pane.
• Mirror Synchronization – This method copies the contents of the left folder to the right folder so that the contents will be identical.
• Update – Update copes new files or changed files from the left pane to the right pane so that contents are identical.

Furthermore, users can create synchronization rules to set the items and folders that need to be synchronized. FreeFileSync comes with a comprehensive help file that teaches users how to use the application effectively.