OpenSight Software, LLC (Shareware)

FlashFXP is an FTP client program developed and released in 1998. FTP or File Transfer Protocol refers to a standard network protocol used to facilitate file transfers from one host to another over the Internet. This type of program is used for publishing and maintaining websites and transfers a variety of data such as photos, music, videos, documents, etc. FlashFXP presents a simple, Windows-based graphic user interface that is developed for novice and advanced users alike.

FlashFXP’s main feature is its ability to support multiple transfer types. This program can facilitate PC to Server, Server to PC, or FTP server to FTP server transfers. Aside from file transfers, FlashFXP also allow users to backup local and remote files. Flash FXP has features that enable users to schedule their transfers so that it can be done even if the user is away from the PC. This program also has a “Quick Connect” feature that enable users to connect to a remote server quickly.

FlashFXP comes with a wide variety of options that enable users to set rules for file transfers, file extension filtering, and the creation of priority or skip lists. The program also has a text editor tool that can open files directly from the server without the need to download them. In terms of security, FlashFXP uses secure FTP/FTPS and SSL/TLS elements. It also provides password protection to protect file transfer activities from unauthorized manipulation.