FileZilla 3.7.2

FileZilla Project (Freeware)

FileZilla is an open-source File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program developed by the FileZilla Project. It is available as a server or a client version. It supports SFTP, FTP and FTPS protocols. The application was initially released in June 22, 2001 and it was written in C++ program language. The main purpose of this application is to transfer files between a local system (personal computer) and a remote system (SFTP website). Any system can be connected using this program provided that it has a valid Internet address.

The FileZilla program has a Site Manager feature. This can be used to create and save lists of FTP servers and related data (e.g. usernames, connection types, passwords, etc). The program also offers a Directory Comparison. This feature can make comparisons between the contents of a remote and a local directory. This application also provides a file manager feature called File and Folder View. This feature works like any other file manager, which can be used to makes changes in the files. The File and Folder View feature also has a drag-and-drop support.

The FileZilla application displays the progress status of file transfer through its Transfer Queue feature. Downloading and uploading of multiple files from and to different servers is also possible. Users can also change the access rights on their server as well as make changes on proxy settings and firewall.