Evernote Corporation (Freeware)

Evernote® is an archiving and note taking suite that was initially released in 2008. The application is capable of saving texts, web pages, audio memos, and photos. The c acts as a notebook where users can tag content, annotate, edit, comment, and search. The notes can be sorted into folders for easier organization. The notes saved on the program are kept in the local system. Users can sync all their Evernote® files in other computers and mobile devices, too. All the content kept in the application can be shared with other users. This is useful for project collaborations.

Aside from entering content with the use of a computer, the program also supports capturing images from audio recording devices and some cameras. Evernote® supports touch-tablet screens so users can also save ‘ink’ notes in their own handwriting.

Just like in a computer, Evernote® has a trash bin containing all the deleted notes. Notes that are accidentally deleted from the account can be retrieved, as long as it is still in the trash. To retrieve a deleted note, locate the note from the trash and choose the ‘Restore Note’ option. This will move the note back to its location before it was deleted.

Evernote® supports iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Google Wave, and Android. It supports the Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers.