Core FTP 2.2.1789

Core FTP (Freeware)

Core FTP is a freeware FTP client developed and released by a company of the same name on June 2012. Core FTP allows users to maintain and update via FTP. This software also allows users to upload and download files from FTP servers using several secure methods like FTPS, SSL, HTTPS, TLS, and SFTP.

Core FTP features international domain support and HIPAA compliant security. This program also supports site-to-site file transfers, as well as full drag and drop support. Transfers may be started, stopped and resumed at will. For failed transfers, Core FTP features auto-retry and auto-resume of transfers. It also features transfer bandwidth control and one-click transfers. Core FTP also features browser integration and file masking. It also features remote file searching and Keep Alive functionality. This program also features S/Key support and command line support. Core FTP also features advanced directory listings. Favorites may also be accessed through the menu and a dropdown list.

Core FTP features a simple user interface. Core FTP toolbar features big buttons for commonly used functions like Site Manager, Quick Reconnect, and Mode Switching. Site manager is used to check connection information and Quick Reconnect is for one-click reconnections. When Core FTP is connected to a site, there is a file-management pane, which shows the most-commonly used functions. However, there is no scheduler.