Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 29.1

Comodo (Freeware)

Comodo Dragon is a web browser application developed by Comodo Group. It’s a Chromium-based browser that offers Google Chrome’s features with added level of privacy and security from Comodo. It has the same interface as Google Chrome but without its usage tracking and other features that could potentially compromise the user’s privacy.

Comodo Dragon offers privacy enhancements capable of surpassing Chromium’s technology. It also offers Domain Validation technology, which can identify and isolate SSL certificates. Users will be notified regarding the strength of the SSL certificate. This web browser application can also prevent browser download tracking as well as cookies and other Internet spies. Users are also given the chance to configure either the entire computer system or the application to utilize Comodo’s DNS servers instead of the Internet service provider.

The program also offers on-demand Site Inspector, which is designed to identify if there’s a malicious code in a particular website. Comodo Dragon also offers an Updater, which can be used instead of Google Updater. If the program is uninstalled, users will have the choice to retain or delete the program’s cookie and cache files. The program also disables or removes certain Google Chrome features including Google Native Client support, Automatic Access to Google Search, Google Translate, Bug Tracking System, Google-hosted Error Pages, Build-in PDF viewer, Built-in Adobe Flash Player and more.