AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Inc. (Shareware)

AOL Instant Messenger, also called AIM, is an instant messaging application first released in 1997. The program allows users to communicate with their AOL contacts through text chat, video chat, and multimedia chat. Users must sign up for an AIM account to start using the software. AOL Instant Messenger can also be used to share photos, files, and videos. This can be done by clicking on the paper clip icon within the window. Choose ‘Share a File’ from the menu. Furthermore, the AIM/AOL e-mail account can be linked with the chat client to receive alerts whenever a new e-mail arrives in the inbox.

AOL Instant Messenger also supports group chats. This can be used for chatting with several friends at the same time. The history of messages is always saved in a log file. The log file contains all the messages from the past month. The application also supports accounts for social networks. When social network accounts are linked to the program, users are alerted of activities on networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are other features of the chat client:
• Support for mobile phones (iPhone and Android)
• Lifestream feature
• AIM real-time
• Easy to use interface
• Update status