Splash PRO EX 1.13.2

Mirillis Ltd. (Shareware)

Splash PRO EX is software used for video editing and conversion.  It allows one to get videos from a multitude of sources and transfer or convert them to different output formats as well.  Videos such as camcorder clips or High Definition movies can be converted easily without the use of additional codecs. To make use of the program one simply has to download and install it, subsequently watch videos from it, and convert and share videos if one decides to.

This application has a user friendly and stylish interface with predefined profiles the user can choose from.  With its hardware acceleration technologies, one is able to save time since converting files can be as simple as clicking a button. The program’s application and HD Video playback also starts in as little as one minute. Multiple HD files can be converted all at once. One can also create a video compilation from different video sources, all the while eliminating unwanted parts. Videos can be exported to mobile phones and other digital devices.  With Splash PRO EX, videos can also be uploaded to popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube.  With its dynamic picture post-processing engine, high quality videos are made possible with such elements as crisp details, smooth motion and vivid colors.